Cavy Love is Forever Love

With over fifteen years of combined guinea pig husbandry and rescue/shelter experience, the lead volunteers at Cavy Love are dedicated to assuring that every guinea pig has a chance to live a full and healthy life, and that every guinea pig's human family is happy and satisfied with their pet.  As part of our commitment to provide unlimited guidance to the public at large and to ensure the expansion of qualified caregivers, Cavy Love is dedicated to providing a variety of educational programs and services to, and we are committed to provide unlimited guidance to the public.


Our focus has changed from intake/adoptions to sanctuary and hospice of guinea pigs with health issues and of advanced age.  However, we do limited adoptions on healthy guinea pigs that are expected to live long lives in a permanent home.

Review our posts to see some of our adoptable piggies, and let us know on your Adoption Application if you have a preference for someone in particular.

Guinea pigs are best in pairs (at least), and have minimum care standards, including habitats.  We require a cube and coroplast habitat of at least 7.5 square feet in area BEFORE we will send home piggies.  You will be asked to provide a digital copy of your receipt of purchase or a photo text of your habitat.

We will discuss with you your family lifestyle and reasons for adopting after you apply, via phone or email.  We do ask that you spend some time with us (usually about an hour) on adoption day for basic education and understanding, and to find the right pets for you and your family.

Adoption Application

Grooming and Nail Trims

Good Grooming is just as important for guinea pigs as it is for other pets or people.  Nail trims should occur monthly, baths as often as needed.  Males, especially older boars, often need perineal sac cleaning to maintain good bowel movements due to lack of muscle tone.

We offer baths, nail trims, hair cuts and trims, matt removal, incisor trimming, perineal sac cleaning (boars only), and other basic grooming and daily health services.  Please visit our GoogleForm to schedule services.  A volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your services

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Boarding Services

YES! We do board guinea pigs.

Piggies require daily attention, at least a couple of times per day, and ideally, more.  We are able to board and provide that attention, with a side dose of special in-home love and cuddles!  We do fill up fast, so we encourage you to request your boarding early, and pay your invoices to confirm your reservations.

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Health Emergencies

If you have a general care-taking or behavioral question, please contact us at  Due to the volunteer nature of our organization, please allow us up to 48 hours for a response. We are happy to help you love your guinea pigs as best you can!  We offer basic, non-veterinary well-checks and advice based on our experience only.

If your guinea pig is sick or injured,
go to a qualified exotic animal veterinarian! 
Do not wait for a volunteer to get back with you! We are NOT veterinarians and time is of the essence!

Surrendering your pet

Cavy Love is primarily a rescue organization.  Therefore we reserve our available space for emergencies from other animal services agencies or intakes from guinea pigs originally adopted from Cavy Love or Piggie Poo Rescue, as we honor their lifetime investment in the animals they have cared for.
We have suspended any private party surrenders.  Unfortunately, we find that the demand is mujch higher than our capacity, and we must focus solely on dire emergencies and requests from other agencies.
Please ONLY request surrender if you obtained your guinea pigs from Piggie Poo or Cavy Love.
If you are with an animal service agency, please email us at


Priority is always given to emergency rescue.  We honor the lifetime commitment of Piggie Poo and will also prioritize surrenders that originated there.

Surrender Your Pet


Did you know that the average 'pet store' guinea pig has 5 'homes' in its lifetime?  Did you know that 90% of guinea pigs must live in at least a pair, with a companion?  Did you know that there is not one pet store that sells adequately sized or configured housing for guinea pigs, and often sells harmful products for piggies, marketing them to you for profit?

Our mission is to partner amazing guinea pigs with pig-parents who will love them forever and make every effort to assure they are properly cared for and live long, happy lives.

We urge you and will provide you with all of the information and education you need when you consider adoption.  From habitat to diet, to health and wellness, we are here for your for your entire lifetime of piggy parenting.

We will take the time to match you and your family to guinea pigs that are right for you and your lifestyle.  And believe us, we will tell you if guinea pigs aren't the right pet for you.

All we ask is that you give us a chance, BEFORE you go to the nearest pet store and buy a piggie on impulse.  Let us help you make sure you understand the commitment needed to assure a long relationship with your newest family member.

Through education and carefully considered adoption processes, we are able to help animals that are often abused and neglected, and we just love what we do!