Meet the Team

We are, together, equipped with over 15 years of experience with guinea pigs, both at home and in the rescue setting with Piggie Poo Rescue.  Now that we're on our own with Cavy Love, we look forward to serving our guinea pig loving community!


Heather Ayres

Founder and Chief Guinea Pig Whisperer

First Pig:  Delilah, American Short Hair, Tortoise Shell

Favorite Thing about Pigs:  They all have great and unique personalities.  Wheek-holes (Mouths), watching them eat fresh vegetables

Favorite Breed of Pig:  Texels

Specialty:  Hand-taming and grooming


Wendy Anderton

Founder and Chief "Boy Parts" Investigator

First Guinea Pig:  Willoughby, American Short Hair, Red and White with Lilac Roan

Favorite Thing about Pigs:  They are subtle and sweet, even the 'rowdy' ones, love their little tongues.

Favorite Breed of Pig:  Abbysinians

Specialty:  Boy parts (testicles and perineal sacs)